*** The New Worm Farming Alliance ***

Dear Fellow Worm Farming Enthusiast,

You’re one of a small number of people invited to take advantage of the final “lifetime” membership offer for the Worm Farming Alliance (WFA).

At some point in the past (for some, the very recent past), you’ve expressed an interest in the WFA by signing up for an e-course or email notification list. Maybe you’ve even been eagerly waiting for the WFA to open its doors to new members so you could join.

As some of you know, I had planned to launch the “New WFA” late in the fall. Unfortunately (or “fortunately” for you, as you’ll see in a minute) I ended up sidetracked with work on an important worm growing guide.

I love rewarding those who have an interest in my work, those who are patient (and enthusiastic), and those who are ready to take action.

“What Is ‘WFA Lifetime Pro'”?

WFA – The Worm Farming Alliance is a community-based membership, intended for those who are ready to move (or who have already moved) beyond “hobby level” worm farming.

“Lifetime Offer” – Any time I have opened up the WFA to new members (since it launched back in early 2011) I’ve had some sort of “lifetime access” deal. This has allowed people to pay once for full access to the WFA (and all updates) for “life”. While this has been a great way to build up a strong community of enthusiastic members, all along I’ve known that it isn’t a long-term “sustainable” approach. I will soon need to start charging a monthly subscription fee to all new members.

“Pro” – This designates the addition of “Professional Worm Growing Secrets”. I put this guide together with my good friend – 20 year worm farming veteran – George Mingin. It’s never been intended as a free add-on resource for the WFA. I am in the process of preparing for an “Early Bird” public launch of this guide. The introductory (very limited-time) price will be $27.

** If you take advantage of the WFA Lifetime Pro offer you receive the Professional Worm Growing guide absolutely free! **

We’ll talk more about the guide in a minute, but first let’s look at…

“What Makes The WFA So Special?”

This is an industry known for its secrecy. There are no trade journals. I don’t know of any serious “worm farming associations”. There is ONE main (annual) worm farming conference.

Much of the information online is outdated.

It’s tough to track down the quality information you need to get a serious vermicomposting/vermiculture venture off the ground!

In short…

The WFA is unlike ANY other worm farming resource available today!

Not only do you have access to up-to-date training information (including a wide variety of important topics aside from worm farming), but you’re also part of an incredibly open, knowledgeable, supportive community – so you can get any questions you have answered, along with double-helpings of encouragement from those on a similar path.

“What Is Included With My Purchase?”

Here is some of what you can expect to get access to when you become a member of the WFA:

  • WFA Quick-Start & Welcome Guide (**COMING SOON**) – I’ve found that a lot of people don’t even fully realize all the great resources they have access to inside the WFA. So I finally decided to create a sort of “roadmap” to help everyone take advantage of everything the membership has to offer.
  • WFA e-mail list – The email list is my primary means of keeping in touch with the group. Aside from sharing news and updates, from time to time I will also share valuable lessons, and direct people towards other valuable resources, not found on the site.
  • Community Forum + Private Facebook Mastermind Group – At the heart of the WFA is the diverse member community. The Forum and the private Facebook group offer the main ways for members to communicate with eachother. Whether it’s in-depth worm farming discussions, sharing important news, or just enjoying some chit chat over a coffee – you’ll quickly realize that you are part of a family.
  • Worm Profits Course – This is an audio course (with companion guide) that outlines how to start up a small-scale “worm farming” business similar to my own “real world” business. You don’t need a lot of money to get started, but if you put in the effort you can end up with a significant additional income source.
  • Professional Worm Growing Secrets – As touched on earlier, this is the worm growing guide I put together with my good friend George Mingin. It is definitely worthy of its own section, so I’ll tell you more about it in a minute.
  • Modern Worm Farming Video Series – This is a video series added when the WFA first launched, outlining my “Modern Worm Farming” concept, and showing how I operated my own worm business at the time (there have been some interesting changes since then, as outlined in the Worm Profits Course).
  • Website Creation/Promotion Training – Developing a “web presence” is very important in this “modern” era, so there is an entire section of the membership dedicated to tutorials on creating a website (using the free, and widely used WordPress platform) and online promotion. There are also some member website critique videos, a royalty-free stock photo library, along with other valuable resources.
  • Drop-Shipping Resource Center – All WFA members have direct access to my own worm supplier, and can buy worms and Worm Inns for the exact same prices I pay. If you live in the U.S. you have the option of buying the worms for yourself, or to be drop-shipped anywhere in the continental USA (pricing includes shipping). You will also have access to another high quality supplier (a member of the WFA), and take advantage of his wholesale/dropshipping service as well.
  • Great Deals on Other Vermicomposting Resources – WFA members are entitled to 50% off all Red Worm Composting info products (currently the VermBin Series Flow-Through Plans and the Easy Vermicomposting Course – but with others to come!)
  • ** Remember, you ALSO receive all future updates and add-ons to the membership for free! **

“So Tell Me More About This Worm Growing Guide.”

Let’s start with a little backstory…

In the fall of 2011, George Mingin joined the Worm Farming Alliance, and then essentially proceeded to blow everyone’s mind with the quality of “insider” information he was sharing freely on the forum. In early 2012, I approached George about the possibility of putting together a guide based on his vast bank of knowledge and experience. Being the humble guy that he is, initially George was skeptical – wondering who on earth would pay for this info.

Long story short, I did end up winning him over and we then proceeded to start putting the pieces together. As you might guess – it being early 2015 – the project stalled for periods of time (I can assure you that I was always the one creating the bottleneck). But late this past fall, we managed to revive it and get our “Early First Edition” finished – and then to have a small internal WFA launch.

Not only did “many” WFAers happily pay for the guide, but once the dust had settled from the launch I was shocked to realize that about 40% of those who saw the offer purchased the guide (even if you don’t have a background in sales, you’ll likely realize how amazing that is). A testament to the fact that George has earned a LOT of respect from fellow WFAers!

For those unfamiliar with George Mingin – he operates one of the largest worm farming businesses in Australia. His most recent production figures were in the range of 12 tons of composting worms per year being grown on his “farm” (I use quotes because George grows all his worms in a surprisingly small shed).

As for the guide itself, we ended up settling on a Q&A format. Not only was this the “easiest” way to compile lots of fantastic information, but I knew it would be a great way for readers to take it in as well.

Here is just a tiny sampling of what you’ll learn inside:

  • 4 KEY requirements for becoming truly successful in vermiculture (actually 5 – since I nudged another one out of him! lol)
  • How to grow Alabama Jumpers successfully indoors
  • The secrets to growing “LOTS” of Red Worms and “BIG” Red Worms (Includes instructions for setting up a 4,500 Red Worms per week growing operation in a tiny 9 ft x 9 ft space.)
  • A strange, but surprisingly-simply way to boost Red Worm embryo counts in cocoons.
  • Weird worm-food recipes that work like gangbusters!

And some feedback shared by readers:

“…actionable knowledge you can use now”

“Most guidance on growing and marketing worms is theoretical. But Bentley and George give you actionable knowledge you can use now, and the worm breeding methodology George reveals is, bar none, the best A-Z how-to guide to worm growing I’ve ever read. Save yourself the money on Amazon. The Professional Worm Growing Secrets (Guide/PDF) is where it’s at.”

Steve Churchill
Urban Worm Company

“I LOVED this guide!”

“I LOVED this guide! I’ve been worm farming for about 5 years now, and George’s systematic approach really puts mine to shame. The level of detail shared was fantastic. Thank you so much!”

Marco Adriano
Urban Vermicomposting

“…this is awesome stuff!”

“Bentley, this is awesome stuff! I love how you are putting this together. It really has my mind spinning with ideas.”

Scott Neitzke

What You Need To Know About The Guide

  • This is an “Early First Edition” (as mentioned), and we have plans for many more updates (especially once George’s “busy season” ends)
  • ALL updates to the guide and bonuses added will be FREE for customers.
  • We welcome all questions and feedback – reader questions have a direct impact on the content of the book.
  • The lowest public launch price will be $27 – and that will only be available for a short period.
  • Again, if you take advantage of this final WFA Lifetime offer, you receive this guide (and all updates etc) absolutely free!

“I’m Not Ready to Set Up a Worm Biz – Can I Still Benefit From The WFA?”


We have many members who are not currently entrepreneurs.

Yes, the WFA was originally started for entrepeneurial vermicomposters – and yes there is still a strong focus on this. But, anyone who wants to take their vermicomposting/vermiculture efforts to the next level can benefit!

Are you an educator?
Are you a farmer or serious gardener?
Part of an organization wanting to start up a serious vermicomposting initiative?

A fishing fanatic perhaps?

Well, it’s safe to say you can benefit from joining the WFA!

“I Don’t Live in United States. Is This Membership Relevant to Me?”

Yes again!

The WFA is a truly GLOBAL community. I myself live in Canada. George Mingin (mentioned above) is from Australia, along with a handful of other members.

Off the top of my head, I know we have members from Germany, UK, Spain, Greece, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Philippines…

Yes, most of our members are from the U.S., and yes the U.S. based members have the “advantage” of being able to get great deals on worms and Worm Inn purchases for themselves (all members can drop-ship to U.S. customers), but I will be working on establishing special deals with suppliers in other countries as well.

“Do You Have Lots Of Happy Members?”

We sure do. Here are some comments from just a handful of them:

“WFA helped me a lot…”

“WFA helped me a lot since I joined. Got very good ideas, opinions, advice, and help on the business side. Meet people that are on the same size and the same mindset on worm farming.”

~ Andy Loy

“…thank you so much for helping me to build my website”

“It is SO refreshing to be involved with other wormhead novices and professionals alike who freely exchange ideas and advice on the forum and are truly concerned with my success. What a difference this makes! Just the advantage of purchasing worms wholesale (I’ve done this twice so far) is worth the price of membership …thank you so much for helping me to build my website and especially for all the personal help in answering all my silly emails.”

~ Ralph Mills

“…I will continue to be a member for many more years to come.”

“I been a member of Worm Farming Alliance since the beginning of 2011. What I like about WFA is the one-on-one’s I have with Bentley. I have had my struggles of building a vermicomposting business every now and then. Bentley has helped see me through any issues I’ve had through all of my trials and tribulations. He has guided me through setting up my website, and even at times going into my website to fix and move things around to make things better…I know I will continue to be a member for many more years to come.”

~ Stephen McGuire
McGuire Organics

“If you ever plan to make a dollar with earthworms, then you absolutely must join Worm Farming Alliance.”

“If you ever plan to make a dollar with earthworms, then you absolutely must join Worm Farming Alliance. Without the expertise of the experienced growers of WFA and especially to the marketing insights provided by Bentley himself, I don’t think I would have started the Urban Worm Company.”

~ Steve Churchill
Urban Worm Company

“The investment has been so worth it.”

“I am so glad I did the WFA even running on a skinny shoestring. The investment has been so worth it. Thanks Bentley!”

~ Deborah Hartley
Missoula MT

My Promise To You

I stand behind all my products 100%!

If, within 60 days you are not absolutely convinced that you’ve received far more value than you paid, simply send me an e-mail and I will promptly grant you a FULL refund. You can even keep your copy of “Professional Worm Growing Secrets” as a gift. No harm, no foul – we can still be friends!

~ Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie

“Everything sounds great! So how Do I Place My Order?”

Simply select your payment option below, and use the corresponding order button.


** Single Payment (Best Deal) **
ONE Payment of $77

** Monthly Plan **
THREE Payments of $29 (spaced one month apart)

“Yes Bentley, I Realize…”

  • These are digital/online resources. I won’t receive anything in the mail. As such, I will be provided with access very soon after I place my order.
  • This is a lifetime offer (and likely the last chance to take advantage of it), so I will never be charged additional membership fees, and ALL updates are free.
  • I’m risking nothing since I have a full 60 days to evaluate the WFA and see if it’s right for me.
  • This is not a “business-on-a-silver-platter” program. There will be plenty of work, and additional expenses required to achieve success.

~ Order With Confidence on 100% Secure Servers ~

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