WHAT? – What exactly IS the “Worm Farming Alliance”? What is “Worm Profits”?

The Worm Farming Alliance (WFA) is an online membership/website for designed for those who have moved (or are ready to move) beyond “hobby level” vermicomposting. It was originally intended primarily for those wanting to launch (or further develop) some form of worm farming business – and there is a lot of focus on topics relating to this – but I’ve come to realize that there are plenty of non-entrepreneurs interested in being a part of the community and learning from the training.


The WFA is an opportunity to learn from, and interact/collaborate with others with similar, or at least complementary, goals/interests. While the membership group itself is private, the WFA blog (what you see when you visit the site), along with various other site resources (to be added over time) will be completely accessible.

Worm Profits is a stand-alone worm business course, based largely on the business model I’ve used for my own “real world” vermicomposting business venture. An exciting new addition to the course is “Professional Worm Growing Secrets” – a collaborative effort between myself and large-scale Australian worm farmer, George Mingin (a highly-respected member of the WFA). In this guide, George shares a wealth of insider worm growing methods (and overall worm business advice) refined during his 20+ years of involvement in the industry.

WHY? – Why did I decide to create these resources?

I decided to put all this together for a number of reasons, but personal interests/experience aside (you can learn more about my background in my bio below), I simply felt that there was a REAL need for: 1) An educational resource that will help people succeed with a “worm business” (a term I use very loosely, I can assure you) in this “modern” era, and 2) A community for vermicomposting professionals.

To date, there has been relatively little in the way of good quality information published on the topic of “starting a worm farming business” in general, let alone information that will help people promote their business effectively online. For whatever reason, this is an industry that’s also suffered (in my humble opinion) from a real lack of “community” (even though there is community-a-plenty among vermicomposting hobbyists). The mid- to late-90’s represented an exciting growth period on this front, but a number of industry “heavy-weights” moved on (or sadly, passed on – as is the case with Mary Appelhof), resulting in a bit of a lull.

Call me an optimistic-idealist (haha), but I’d love to help out in that department!

WHO? – Who is this membership/course for?

As touched on a minute ago, basically anyone who has moved beyond (or is at least ready to move beyond) what I refer to as “hobby level” vermicomposting/vermiculture is likely to benefit from joining the Worm Farming Alliance. If you happen to be interested in entrepreneurial worm farming, so much the better!

HOW? How do I get involved?

You may want to start by signing up for my “5 Major Myths & Mistakes of Worm Farming” email mini-series, but if you are interested in joining the WFA, you can sign up here >>HERE<<.

YOUR HOST – For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, my name is Bentley (“Compost Guy”) Christie and I’m owner of the Red Worm Composting website (among others). I’ve been an avid vermicomposter for nearly 20 years, and have been sharing my passion (primarily via the RWC site) with “the world” since 2007.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an entrepreneur at heart – and have started up various small businesses over the years. What’s interesting, though, is that for many years I assumed a vermicomposting business was better left as a “some day” pipe dream. From what I’d read, it seemed you needed a decent spread of “land”, lots of (expensive) equipment, a truck etc etc! Thankfully, I put my reservations aside (in the spring of 2008) and tested the waters with my own (online and “real world”) “worm business”, and I haven’t looked back since!

Moving back a number of years…

Another big “piece in the puzzle” fell into place after I decided to figure out how to “earn a living online” (in an honest, respectable manner, of course!). I’ve always wanted to work for myself and avoid the drudgery of the “rat race” if at all possible. The web – while a bit intimidating at first – seemed to offer many exciting possibilities. As a “technical dunce” it wasn’t quite as easy and exciting as it looked early on, but I did well enough that I was able to take a “leap of faith” and try it out on a full-time basis in the fall of 2005. (I left a disheartening, drawn-out masters-degree program for the new venture – but that’s another story altogether! lol).

Over the years – thanks to a LOT of blood, sweat and tears – I’ve managed to stay free from “the Man” and to pursue the sort of “work” that truly warms my soul. I’ve also learned a GREAT deal, and discovered a very real passion for the “power of the web”! I just can’t help but get excited about the fact that never before in the history of humankind has the “little guy/gal” had such an incredible opportunity to share their msg with the world!

Anyway, long-story-shortened (a little)…

vermicomposting passion/knowlege + online promotion passion/knowlege + vermicomposting business experience + HUGE passion for educating/helping others = NO BRAINER for putting all of this together!


If you want to learn more about the WFA you may want to check out the Q&A page