2015 NCSU Worm Farming Conference Review

My good friend (and WFA member), Steve Churchill of “Urban Worm Company”, got in touch with me a short time ago to let me know about and article he was working on that recapped his time at the North Carolina State University Worm Farming Conference, organized by Rhonda Sherman. I assumed initially that it was […]

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Is It Possible to Raise 100 lb of Worms in a Small Room?

That’s the question Brian Paley set out to answer in his now-legendary (among worm-heads, anyway! lol), MONSTER article, “How To Breed, Raise, and Maintain A 100-Pound Stock of Worms in a Single Room” (which I will refer to as “Paley100” for the sake of brevity). I first came across the 7-part article back when I […]

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Christy Christie in the News!

WFA member, Cristy Christie (no relation, but she is a good worm pal of mine!), was recently on a local news show in her region (in California) talking about worms and vermicomposting! It’s been awesome watching as Cristy has built her vermicomposting business from the ground up in the last year or so, and I […]

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