Q & A

I created this page to address some common questions about the Worm Farming Alliance (WFA) website/membership and the Worm Profits Course. I’ll likely add more questions (and answers) over time as I receive more feedback and questions from visitors and members. You can also learn more about the WFA on the About page.

Q: Is the WFA an “official” vermicomposting industry association?

A: No – this is a private, revenue-driven group set up to help those in the industry (or thinking about getting involved) connect with, and learn from one another (and from me, of course). It is in no way, shape or form a vermicomposting governing body or anything like that.

Q: Why does it cost money to join (unlike Red Worm Composting, for example)?

A: A great deal of time, effort and capital have been (and will continue to be) put into this project. It is intended for those people who have an interest in advanced-level vermicomposting/vermiculture (and online) training and being part of a serious member’s community. Having a “barrier for entry” has definitely helped to ensure that we’ve ended up with a top notch group. The investment also helps to ensure that members actually use the resource!

Q: I have (or would like to start-up) a composting/horticulture/farming/etc business. Can I still benefit?

A: Absolutely! It certainly depends on the type of business we are talking about here – but any person in a semi-related field (such as the examples given), especially if you intend to integrate vermicomposting/vermiculture somehow, could benefit for sure. The core concepts of the “Modern Worm Farming” model, and certain key topic areas – such as online promotion – are very relevant, regardless of the type of business you wish to start up.

Q: I am fairly new to vermicomposting (and don’t own, or have immediate plans to start a business). Can I still join?

A: Beginners are absolutely welcome if they have an interest in eventually taking things to the next level (especially in the form of a business). If you are simply dabbling at this time, you may be better off to take advantage of all the free vermicomposting resources out there (eg. Red Worm Composting website and Facebook Group, Vermicomposters forum etc), and play around with some worm bins etc before spending money on the membership. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you are unsure and want to discuss it further.

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, absolutely! I call it the “Double-No-Trouble Hassle-Free Guarantee. For starters, if you simply decide you don’t want to continue on with your monthly subscription to the WFA, all you need to do is drop me an e-mail and I will cancel your account no problemo. You will still get to keep any guides/courses your received access to (apart from those only inside the WFA member’s area).

Secondly, if for some reason during your first 30 days of access you decide you want nothing to do with the WFA and would like your money back, please let me know and I’ll refund your money with zero hassles. I would obviously love to have the opportunity to make things right if there are certain things you’re not happy about BEFORE you decide once and for all you want out – please don’t hesitate to drop me a line any time! And if you do decide to go, I’d also appreciate some feedback, so I can continue to improve the membership.

Q: What is the difference between “Worm Farming Alliance” & “Worm Profits”?

A: Worm Farming Alliance is the name given to this website and the online membership group it contains. Worm Profits is a stand-alone worm business course (now including the “Professional Worm Growing Secrets” guide) that is sold separately (WFA members ARE entitled to special discount on this, and other products).

Q: Is this some kind of turn-key business opportunity?

A: Absolutely NOT! This is certainly a great “opportunity” learn how you can start/develop a rewarding eco-business, and there are a variety of opportunities associated with the membership (especially the Pro package) but you won’t be asked to drop large sums of money for a “business in a box” or anything like that. I believe firmly in the idea of teaching people to make a go of it on their OWN, not simply handing people a cookie-cutter business-on-a-platter, or helping people set up something that depends on me (or others) in order to function.

Q: Can I make LOTS of money with a “worm business”? Is this an “easy” way to make money?

A: Yes and no. Like any business, in order to succeed long-term (make “lots of money” etc) you will need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to developing the enterprise. You absolutely cannot expect to be raking in heaps of cash overnight! Is it “easy”? For me, and likely all those others who are really passionate about this field, certain aspects do indeed FEEL easy – but that’s primarily because we absolutely LOVE what we are doing! Joining the WFA and learning from the Worm Profits course and other resources will certainly make it a LOT easier to get things rolling than it would be if you ventured completely on your own. BUT, you definitely need to put in the effort if you want to see the results – there just isn’t any way around that!

Again, I also recommend going through my “5 Major Myths and Mistakes of Worm Farming” email series (100% free).

Q: Do you have an affiliate program? (i.e. can I promote WFA and earn commissions?)

A: Yes we do! The catch, though, is that you need to be an active WFA member in order to take advantage of it. Having spent a great deal of time involved in the affiliate marketing world myself, I know all too well that lots of people promote things they know nothing about (let alone use themselves). Call me a snob, but I only want people who KNOW my products to promote my products (and obviously it would be nice if they were EXCITED about my products as well! lol)