WFA Members


Harry Hopkins – Brockwood Farm

Harry Hopkins is a fairly new (at time of writing) WFA member based in Nashville, Indiana. He has created a unique harvesting machine called the “Brockwood Worm Shi*fter”. I found Harry’s story really interesting, and the harvester looks like a great tool for serious worm farmers – so I asked him if he would be […]

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Castaway Keith’s TV Appearance

WFA member, Keith O’Dell, recently appeared on a live TV show. He told fellow members (on the WFA forum) that it was very much a last-minute invitation, and that he was feeling pretty nervous about it as a result. As you’ll see – he did really well! Way to go, Keith! Here is a link […]

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Steve McGuire – McGuire Organics

Today’s member profile comes from someone I’ve enjoyed getting to know over the past 8 months or so (as I write this in Feb. 2012). Interestingly enough, while a lot of Steve’s recent focus has been on vermicomposting, he actually graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and worked (in some pretty impressive places) as […]

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Joe Ferrone – Joe Ferrone Worm Poop, LLC

Joe Ferrone, like Cristy Christie, is an original “Inner Circle” (now merged with the WFA) member, and someone who has put a lot of work into getting his vermicomposting business off the ground. Also similar to Cristy, Joe decided to focus primarily on the sale of worm castings – but that’s where the similarities end. […]

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Cristy Christie – Slo County Worm Farm

This fall I have been inviting WFA members to share information about their vermicomposting businesses here on the WFA (public) blog. The aim is to help these members promote their businesses, while providing readers with an inside look at some of the cool things that are possible when you get involved in the wonderful world […]

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