2015 NCSU Worm Farming Conference Review

My good friend (and WFA member), Steve Churchill of “Urban Worm Company”, got in touch with me a short time ago to let me know about and article he was working on that recapped his time at the North Carolina State University Worm Farming Conference, organized by Rhonda Sherman.

I assumed initially that it was just a pretty standard blog-post-overview of the event (even though Steve had told me it was going to be 4500+ words in length! lol), but once I actually had the opportunity to take a look at the finished product I was blown away! Not only is it a great review – but it is also very educational as well.

Anyway – I don’t want to steal Steve’s thunder too much here, so I’ve included a message from him along with the link over to his blog post:

Hi Bentley,
I’ve recently published a blog post recapping the 2015 NCSU Vermiculture Conference that I think your readers would enjoy.


The conference featured presentations from industry and academia heavyweights like Worm Power’s Tom Herlihy, Dr. Norman Arancon, environmentalist Peter Ash, and The Worm Farm’s John Stewart who was recently featured on CNBC.

If any of your readers are wondering if this is worth the time and hassle to make it to Raleigh, NC the answer is …..Yes! Aside from the presentations, tell me where else you can talk shop with Tom Herlihy or watch Dr. Arancon warm up the crowd with Bridge Over Troubled Water before delivering a sermon on the wonders of worm compost tea!

Hopefully your readers enjoy this post and are motivated to sign up for 2016’s event.


Here also is a more complete version of the photo above, featuring Steve, Cristy Christie (no relation to me – but she is a friend, and also a member of the WFA) and her husband Jack. I thought fellow WFAers would get a kick out of it!

Thanks very much to Steve for his great review! I highly recommend you check it out when you have some reading time available:


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  1. Papajohn
    3 years ago

    This sounds like what we all need. Any chance there is a audio/video available?

  2. barry
    3 years ago

    Hi, Well done Steve and Thank You for the good read. Folks it is worth the time to read. Barry.

  3. Jean Zelinger
    3 years ago

    nice job

  4. John Vest
    3 years ago

    when and where is the next one and how do I get in touch with it?

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