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Larry’s Follow-Along – Lesson #1

Well, I must say that this “follow-along” series is certainly coming along pretty sloooooowly (sorry Larry!!) – but I guess the the important thing is that progress is being made. NOTE: If you are just joining us, you may want to check out my two “Quick and Dirty Website Creation” posts, since they helped to […]

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Quick & Dirty Website Creation – PART II

In my first “Quick and Dirty Website Creation” installment, I provided a broad overview of the website creation process, sharing WHY I think it’s so valuable to at least learn the fundamentals (while emphasizing the fact that it’s not nearly as challenging as most people think), and touched on the three MAIN components needed to […]

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Quick & Dirty Website Creation – PART I

One of the KEY strategies I’ll be emphasizing (and harping on…and nagging people about – haha) here (especially inside the WFA membership) is website building. If you’ve been through my “mini-course” (or previous training material) you’ll know that I have a “Good, Better, Best” guide for helping people to realize that you don’t need a […]

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