WFA Member Directory

This page contains a listing of some WFA member websites. This listing will increase in size over time.

Worm Composting Plus – Worm Composting Plus is a great source for vermicomposting information. You’ll find out how to start your own worm composting system, and tips and tricks to keep things running smoothly. You will also find lots of great vermicomposting products including, composting worms, vermicomposting bins, worm castings, and books. We are currently serving the majority of the USA and Canada, so feel free to contact us today for more information. Contact: (Bill @

Wurmwelten – Selling compost worms “Eisenia” and wormeries since 2005 in germany and all over Europe. The owner is a certified Master Composter who is happy to answer your questions in English and german. Wurmwelten sports a german/English Webshop, a german forum and a database of many german articles about vermiculture.

Vermillion Wormery – Our mission is to return organic ‘waste’ to the soil food web using worms, a process known as VERMICOMPOSTING. We envision vermicomposting as an important step to reaching Zero Organic Waste. We’ve found that a good place to start is right in our own homes, community, and region.

Magstraup Orme Farm (Danish Worm Farm) – Danish website and blog all about composting with worms indoors and outside. Wormshop opening in March. Siden er naturligvis på.

Ohio Red Worm Composting

Wyoming Worm Wrangler – Wyoming Worm Wrangler sells Red Worms, European Nightcrawlers, as well as meal worms and wax worms. I supply locals with worm castings and worm tea and also sell the Worm Inn. I have done presentations for South East Wyoming schools on vermicomposting and often do local garden club presentations and conservation expos. What started as a faster way to compost for my own garden soon became my business. I continue to work towards sustainability using the worms for composting, and will continue to branch out into the bait world as well.

McGuire Organics – We promote sustainable living gardening with NON-GMO heirloom organic vegetables. We sell Red Wigglers, European Night Crawlers by the pound and we also sell Red Wiggler Eco-systems. If you are looking for a worm bin we sell The Worm Inn and The Worm Inn Mega. If you are looking for worm products we sell Vermicompost. Come follow us with our gardening adventure.

Picture Story of Worm Bin – A mycological vermiculture smorgasbord!

Red Worms Work – Red Worms Work is dedicated to promoting Vermiculture, and helping people get started and succeed in setting up their first worm composting system. I also promote organic gardening and the use of vermicompost in the garden. I sell Red Wigglers, European Night crawlers and The Worm Inn. I will be adding worm friendly gardening tools, books, and a how to section of the blog very soon. I welcome you to stop by my site and check out all the exciting things happening at

Urban Worm – We are the San Francisco Bay Area’s source for all things worms! We sell red wigglers by the pound and vermicompost by the 15 and 35 pound bag, as well as by the cubic yard. We are a project of Urban Adamah, a non-profit urban farm and environmental education center. All of our proceeds go to support Urban Adamah’s work. We offer a variety of workshops, on site and off. Contact us about setting up adult or kid friendly programming at your school, community center or home!

Midwest Worms – We supply Red Worms and European Nightcrawlers to vermicomposters, gardeners and fishing fanatics in central Missouri and throughout continental USA.

Red Worms Express – At Red Worms Express we raise only the finest live composting worms for sale. If you are looking for worms we sell Red Wigglers, European Night Crawlers, and African Night Crawlers by the pound, as well as Alabama Jumpers by the 1000. If you are looking for a worm bin we sell The Worm Inn and The Worm Inn Mega. If you are looking for worm products we sell Worm Castings / Vermicompost as well. We actively promote organic lifestyle, with a focus on gardening and soil building using waste products to produce rich organic worm castings. We’re located in Upstate New York.

WormCycle – Based in the Detroit MI area, we sell vermicompost (made on site), composting worms and Worm Inns.